Wolf Conservation

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Wolf Conservation

Humanity is the greatest threat to wolves, and as such it is our responsibility to do what we can to preserve them. One of the most important steps to do so is to correct the majority of people's perceptions of wolves.

People who understand wolves know that people need not fear them. Scientist Luigi Boitani, when asked if he had ever been afraid of wolves, said that "If a wolf ever came near me I would just kick it in the nose. The more you know wolves the less you fear them." Wolves know enough to fear people, and do not attack people unless given a strong reason.

In some parts of the world wolves are well protected. In Italy it is illegal to shoot a wolf, while in Swedan wolves are fully protected. In both of these areas wolf numbers are rising.

The protection of wolves depends on people's willingness to give them area. A zoning system is needed that will protect the wolves in some areas, while protecting the interests of people in others. It lies with world governments to create laws to this affect. Already there are good signs, and with enough work wolves could one day be able to easily exist in a world filled with humans.